In the news in the past week: Four or more police officers killed in the line of duty. That’s right, killed while protecting those whom they serve.

Our local police officers in the Twin Cities, as well as deputies in Androscoggin County are already understaffed, and underpaid for what they do. And now the Lewiston City Administrator has the nerve to ask them to postpone their raises. 

Kudos to union president, Officer Rob Murphy, and kudos to the rank and file officers who have recognized the request as nothing more than political posturing.  Now Mr. Jim Bennett gets the opportunity to claim that the police union is not “bargaining in good faith”.

You want to see good faith bargaining, lets start with publishing the salaries of Mr. Bennett and his staff. That would bring about a whole new perspective on the budget issues. 

All the police union has to do is look across the river at it’s twin city.  Many years ago, the city of Auburn asked it’s employees to forego their negotiated raises. The ones who agreed to it for the sake of the taxpayers, did not get to make up those raises in later years.  I know, I was working for the city of Auburn at the time.

Lewiston police union, hold your positions. You have already given enough. Let them cut from the top for a change. Public safety workers are underpaid as it is.

Angelo Giberti, Lewiston

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