Is there something that really irks you? Something about your job,
your family or the stuff you have to deal with every day? Share it.
E-mail your peeves to or mail them to Sun Journal,
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them here. Please keep your gripe to under 60 words.

My gripe is when you have a doctor’s appointment and the
nurse doesn’t call you into the examination room until it’s 10, 15, 20
etc. minutes after your scheduled time, only to wait another 10, 15 or
20 minutes for the doctor to come into the exam room. Recently I waited
inside the exam room for 30 minutes!!! But they want to reschedule if
we (the patient) is 10 minutes late. Come on docs. Be on time. Our time
is important too! At least come into the room and acknowledge us, be
courteous and let us know that you are running late!
— Tammy of Auburn

My ungripe: I love the gripe section! It makes me aware of habits I can remedy. It also gives me an outlet for airing my gripes.
Thanks you!
– Relieved

gripe is everyone assuming you have a computer. I had my check book out
to donate to a cause but all they provide is a computer address. So
guess what? I put the check book away!
– Anonymous

My pet peeve is “man hole covers.” Why does the Public Works Department have some ofthem so deep in the middle of the road?
over one of these covers is like driving over pot holes. Lewiston
streets are bad enough with plenty of nature’s pot holes without
creating even more.
– Taxpayer

1.) People who don’t flush toilets in public restrooms after using them: disgusting!
2.) The pothole on the road between Shaw’s and the Auburn Mall: It is huge!
The entry way to Best Buy: it’s confusing as there are no through-lanes
near the bank, Longhorns or TGI Friday’s parking lots.
4.) Shaw’s
gas coupons:It was great when you could save them up, but what about
people who don’t drive much or drive diesels or hybrids? They expire in
two weeks. Heck,I can go 700 miles in my diesel and I don’t drive
much.I’d rather get the free ham or turkey!
– Livermore subscriber for 31 years


gripe is people who own dogs and do not know how to train them not to
bark all day. Some tie them up outside, go to work all day and leave
the dog to bark. Other owners seem not to hear their own dog barking.
Not only can they be trained not to bark, but they have colors that
work to prevent barking. Police and or the animal control officer
should be called. Summer is coming and windows are open so as to better
hear the nuisance.
– Taxpayer

My peeve is the time I am forced
into watching stupid television commercials. Some channels have up to
ten minutes of commercials between programming. More time is devoted to
the commercial then to the program. At times I flip to another channel
when the commercial comes on and watch that program until they pause
for a commercial break then I flip back to the previous channel and
hope the commercial has ended. I pay for satellite TV, I am not paying
to watch commercials. I think all paying satellite subscribers should
ban together and force the company to remove commercials.
– Anonymous

My gripe is with the “all-you-can-eat” buffet-style
restaurants. I have stopped patronizing such places because of all the waste of
food. The last time I ate at a buffet restaurant, I witnessed a family of three
leave mounds of food on their plates as they left the restaurant. Where does all
that scrap food go? There are many people starving in other parts of the world,
we are now the most obese nation in the world, and we’re leaving food on the
table to be thrown out? Something’s wrong with that picture!

– Roger

my gripe is with the lazy not disabled taking my tax
money from programs to help people that need it. get off your fat butt and get
to work. i have no issue with legit illness or injury but i work in medicine and
about 80% of the people on the programs we pay for could work but choose not to.
drugs, tv, video games and drinking are not jobs!!!!


When will our local governments wake up and spend the money to totally
rebuild the roads, including updating all utilities at the same time,
not just resurfacing.  What a mess, too name a few, Farewell St,
Webster St., Summer St, and Youngs Corner Rd. are.  

– anonymous

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