The editorial in the April 20 issue of the Sun Journal confirms my belief that the editors are out of touch with the sentiments of their readers.
As the editorial pointed out, Harley Lee has twice proposed the construction of an ambitious wind farm on Redington Pond Range and Black Nubble in the western mountains. Both were previously rejected by the Land Use Regulation Commission after due deliberation and contentious debate. In addition, these areas were selectively omitted by the Legislature during their consideration of a statewide bill delineating preferred sites for windmills.
It should be clear from those three actions that the residents there do not want a wind farm on those particular mountains.
What part of no does Lee and the Sun Journal editorial writer find so difficult to understand?
The current attempt by Lee to circumvent the authority of LURC by asking the town of Carrabassett Valley to annex the area is an insult to members of LURC and concerned citizens of Maine.
This should now be a dead issue and Harley Lee should not get another chance.
Burton Weymouth, Freeman

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