The Sun Journal on April 16 showed a screaming bias against conservative political activity. There had been very well-attended demonstrations in dozens of large cities, such as Atlanta, against the obscene, excessive spending by the federal government. Those peaceful demonstrations on the afternoon and evening of April 15 involved tens of thousands of patriotic citizens who believe that both the Bush and Obama administrations lost every shred of fiscal common sense.
I believe that most taxpayers are outraged at the spending of billions of dollars for bailouts and stimulus to the economy. Yet, the only story I could find in the Sun Journal was a small story buried on the business page. A couple lines did take note of the fact that the demonstrations were nationwide, but the Sun Journal placement of the story was a malicious downplaying of an extremely serious national situation.
The country is headed for bankruptcy. It doesn’t have trillions of dollars to spend on an attempt at economic revival.
No nation can create wealth out of thin air by printing paper money. That’s what ruined the Weimar Republic — the nation owes trillions of dollars to foreign governments, primarily China.
The Sun Journal should have had a front-page story, with a photo illustration.
Harvey Lord, South Paris

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