I appreciated the Sun Journal reporter’s balanced and fair coverage of the hearings in Augusta on April 22. 
The reporter took the time to gather differing views on the upcoming hearing from area clergy and presented them in a thoughtful way. I thank her for not succumbing to the tide of editorialized, lopsided coverage practiced in the majority of the media right now.
But I do wish to address some information concerning the U.S. Constitution found in that article. Unfortunately, this bit of erroneous information has been repeated so often, that it is being put forth as fact. The story stated, “… the U.S.Constitution calls specifically for the separation of church and state …” That assertion is not correct.
If you were to read the document, you will not see that phrase anywhere in it. It was actually taken from the Federalist Papers, and never appears in the Constitution.
Again, thanks for the coverage of a very difficult but important issue. The national print media could use a few lessons from the Sun Journal in presenting coverage worth reading.
Vicki O’Brien, Greene

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