It was with anger and sadness that I read of the decision to build a new Hannaford supermarket in the area of Snell Road and Route 4 in Turner. That is a very beautiful area and important to the local wildlife. The new store will take up eight acres of land adjacent to a historic river in Turner.

When building a new store, it is important to consider the impact it will have on everything, not just the people who will shop there. The noise, lights and blacktop runoff will affect the indigenous creatures that live there. Just a year ago, I saw a young moose come out of the woods there. That won’t happen when the new store is built. The area is much too sensitive to disturb in such a huge manner.

I feel the store doesn’t fit the area chosen. There is also the added noise and pollution of all the shoppers, delivery trucks and bright lights to consider. With apologies to the writer of an old song: don’t pave paradise … don’t put up a parking lot.

Al Castagna, Turner

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