I’d like to take this opportunity to wish mothers everywhere a very happy Mother’s Day and I truly hope your day is wonderful. And as my Mother’s Day gift to you, I’d like to offer you some information that I read once in a newspaper that made me smile. I hope it makes you smile, too.

The article proclaimed that based on a study, if a mother/housewife received monetary compensation for everything that she does by way of mothering and housekeeping, she would make more than $117,000 per year.

Imagine that! We are worth over $100,000 per year and we do it all for free!

All of those middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes of our babies no charge.

The taxi service shuffling one child or another and sometimes multiple children to various events, play dates and lessons no charge.

Getting up early to prepare school lunches or staying up late to bake cookies or cupcakes for the school party that you didn’t know about until bed time no charge.

Being the finder of lost things and the mender of things broken including teenage hearts no charge.

Making sure that favorite outfit is washed and ironed for the Saturday night dance and the occasional loan of jewelry and sometimes even the car no charge.

Playing peacemaker or arbitrator amidst sibling rivalries or soothing a disgruntled dad over an infraction of the rules no charge.

Finding the extra money in the grocery budget to buy those favorite snack foods or that long teased for video game no charge.

Making sure that homework assignments are done and providing assistance when needed no charge.

Pacing the floor late at night with worry surpassing anger because of a curfew violation no charge.

Kissing booboos and tear stained cheeks, happily accepting wilted dandelions from sticky hands no charge.

Giving piggyback rides or playing horsey on aching backs without complaint no charge.

Knowing when to give advice without being asked and when to listen without passing judgment no charge.

For gently removing gum from hair, wood ticks from various parts of bodies and toys from toilets no charge.

For reading “The Little Engine That Could” or some other favorite bedtime story over and over and over and over no charge.

The opportunity to do it all? PRICELESS!

There are so many things a mother does that I’m sure were not factored into that $117,000 figure. My mother did them for me and I did them for my children. Our compensation came in the form of hugs, kisses, I love yous and tremendous pride for every achievement from learning to tie shoes to graduating from high school.

There is no better wage than the unconditional love from your children or their belief that you are the best mother in the whole wide world. You just can’t put a value on that, but the way I see it, the $117,000 sure would have been a pretty nice bonus.

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