Sylvester Ham of the Turner Road Auburn, has a fine young colt sired by Bell Boy of Maple Grove Farm, that is the envy of his friends. When it was only a few days old he had him thoroughly broken to the halter and could lead it into the house and about the premises easily. Mr. Ham has not decided whether he will make a saddle horse of him or not, although the eleven-month -old son of Dr. J. A. Ness, master John M. Ness, had a ride on his back when he was only a few weeks old. Mr. Ham is taking excellent care of him and in a few years will have a horse which will be the envy of many younger men.

50 years ago, 1959

The Lewiston Police Department got its annual traffic line painting program under way yesterday.

Maintenance man Charles Tuttle and Patrolman Paul Plante worked on the new lines in the Lisbon Street, East Avenue and South Avenue areas near school buildings. They will move from there to the Sabattus Street area, including St. Mary’s General Hospital, and near Wallace School on Main Street.

All street traffic lines will be repainted during the warm weather season, reported Ploce Chief Roland C. Amnott.

25 years ago, 1984

The annual shearing of the shaker sheep is planned by the Institute for Shaker Studies for June 2, at the Shaker Village, Sabbathday Lake. This year the institute has again decided to share a complete workshop with the public. Peter Hagarty of Black Fly Farm, Kezar Falls, and Nan Ross of Georgetown have been invited to teach. They will introduce participants to starting a flock, health care of sheep, breeding, shearing, choosing proper fleeces for spinning and the joy of spinning straight from a clean fleece. Participants will be taught simple spinning with a drop spindle.

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