If the spouse in a gay marriage runs to the mailbox anticipating a benefit or refund from the IRS, SSI or state, etc., he or she might be left empty-handed. Any child support or taxes previously owed by a spouse will be withheld for such debts.
The court systems will undoubtedly be inundated in facing the complex problems, such as divorce and custody between couples in a gay marriage. Many clubs, organizations and groups, will have their problems eventually, as well.
If our elected officials capitulate to the whims of other groups and their beliefs, whatever they might be, we will reap what we have sown.
We need review, discussion, groups that are willing to learn and teach tolerance, patience and kindness, and be more educated in the many aspects of all people’s differences before rushing to hastily-made laws about gay marriage or many more that are sure to come.
Stephen H. Tague, New Sharon

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