I am golden, a drop of yellow

Fluttering in the breeze.

An apple falling up,

High above the trees

Before the frosted silver seas.

I am silver, a flake of cloud

Tumbling with ease.

Softly falling down,

A chill before the green.

I am green, a sprout of new

Pushing through the earth.

A feeble ray of future,

Dreaming blue to come.

I am blue, big and wide

Filling up the horizon.

Full of things unseen,

Changing through and through.

I am a spectrum, a rainbow of color

Flowing through the seasons.

Never followed

On my journey through your dreams.

I am as foreboding as the fall,

As cold as the winter.

For what its worth, as hopeful as the spring,

And as enduring as summer dreams.

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