Mainers could really benefit from a cap on carbon pollution. It could help the state break its dependence on heating oil from foreign countries, and make us independent producers of our own heat source again, just like we used to be.
It will not be easy to switch to wood or pellet stoves, but people should look south to all the potential buyers for the state’s own carbon-neutral fuel. Maine could become the Saudi Arabia of the Northeast.
Jobs in the pellet industry can’t be outsourced, as were paper industry jobs. The carbon cap would spur the growth of this industry and benefit Mainers.
I also favor selling off all the carbon credits instead of giving some away, as Congress seems determined to do. The government could use the money to bring down the deficit and fund rebates for home owners who insulate and make their homes more energy efficient.
Now is the time to act, before the next oil spike and energy crisis. Let’s not be caught flat-footed again.
Kenlyn Clark, Dryden

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