I read with near disbelief the Sun Journal May 24 b section cover story (Airsoft:Weapon.Ammo.Action, May 24).I found the article remarkably offensive, especially on Memorial Day weekend, though I assume the military angle was what inspired its prominence.
I would hope that Memorial Day would be about holding dear and remembering the men and women who sacrificed so greatly, and, in some measure, to dedicating ourselves to a society that would take away the occasion of the wars that lead to such immense and lasting devastation and loss.
That story had all the insult and ignorance that leads people toward the prospect of violence, and so very far away from lasting peace.
The article was a shameless advertisement for local entities that provide war games for boys and men — Web sites and directions abound.Girls need not apply: The writer, T.S. Chamberland, self-ridicules, “Sometimes I can be such a girl,” and “I had to put aside that girlier side of me.”
So, Sun Journal readers are treated to praises of assault teams bathed in testosterone and adrenaline and promoted as good exercise and community-building opportunities. I wonder how many of the returning wounded and how many of the families of the war dead, find anything remotely appealing in the fake war industry the Sun Journal promoted.
I would suggest that testosterone can be put to more productive ends than fomenting assault and destruction, especially at a time when the nation sets aside time to heal, reflect and, hopefully, move closer to peace.
Kirk Read, Auburn

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