AUBURN – Voters in November’s general election would go to the Auburn Mall to cast their ballots, under a plan being considered by city councilors.

“It’s good location, it’s on the bus lines, it has parking, access and plenty of room,” City Clerk Mary Lou Magno said.

Under the plan, voters will go to the mall’s center court to cast their votes.

The council is scheduled to host a public hearing on the measure at the June 15 meeting. The city will begin mailing notices to all 17,400 voters after that.

Councilors discussed consolidating polling places during their budget discussions this spring. Magno said the measure would save the city between $3,000 and $4,000 per year.

“Typically we have four people per ward, 20 to 25 people.” Magno said. “This lets us go down to 10. So, we’re cutting that number in half.”

Auburn voters have five polling places currently. They are: Ward 1, Washburn School, 35 Lake Auburn Ave.; Ward 2, Auburn Middle School, 38 Falcon Drive; Ward 3, Auburn Hall, 60 Court St.; Ward 4, Fairview School, 397 Minot Ave.; Ward 5, Sherwood Heights School, 32 Sherwood Drive.

Councilors in Lewiston discussed a similar idea, but turned it down in April. That measure would have reduced the number of polling places in Lewiston from four to one, saving $14,000, according to Lewiston estimates.

“Councilors have supported the idea, but it hasn’t had a public hearing yet,” Magno said. “We’ll see what the voters have to say.”

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