I lost my job via layoff on April 15. I immediately filed for unemployment and began a job search in earnest.

To this point, seven weeks later (as of this writing), I have received no unemployment benefits. When I call the “hot line” the message states, “We cannot take your call at this time as call volumes are too high.” Continuing, my determination phone interview was two weeks ago (May 22), and still no benefits. 

Upon calling various contact numbers on the Department of Labor Web site, most folks are generally pleasant but cannot help me, as a determination has not been made. I want to strongly bring to light the lack of urgency and care for the people of Maine who have fallen on hard times (like myself) and have no outlet for expedience and communication.

This is a sad state of affairs, no pun intended. If the DOL remains backed up and cannot service the good people of Maine, it should take some of the hard-working folks and put them to work to answer the calls and process the claims.

Two birds with one stone.

Dave Roberts, Lewiston

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