LIVERMORE – Voters approved all but one of the 51 articles before them Wednesday as they conducted business at the annual town meeting.

They approved a municipal net budget of $891,707 for 2009-10, a decrease of $134,679 from the current budget.

The article voters rejected, at the recommendation of town officials, was one that would set a new purchasing policy in place and nullify one that the select board adopted in late 2008.

One article was put in the warrant after selectpersons received a citizen petition. It required all work that is outsourced by the town to go out to public bid for items more than $2,500 if it is not an emergency.

The four-page policy adopted by the board last year was available at the meeting for review. It was more detailed and had definitions outlining what each term meant. It covered approved vendors, competitive bidding, formal bidding and specifications, among other things.

Voters also agreed to buy a conventional dump truck with a plow and wing and to finance it over a five-year period. The cost of the actual equipment is capped at $109,100.

Resident Lionel Castonguay suggested that the board look at used trucks and possibly buy two of them for that price.

The nearly 40 residents also voted to raise and appropriate $4,000 to buy a heavy-duty snow blower to clear the sidewalks of the state bridge over the Androscoggin River leading to Livermore Falls.

That town clears the snow for half of the sidewalks.

Resident Warren Forbes suggested that Livermore and Livermore Falls take turns clearing the sidewalks or one town do one side and the other do the other side, and at least one side be done completely. It needs to be cleared so people can walk safely across the bridge, he said.

Resident Jim Chaousis, the town manager of Livermore Falls, said that Livermore Falls has the equipment to do the work and maybe something could be worked out.

Prior to getting down to business, moderator Darryl Brown turned the floor over to Board Administrative Assistant Kurt Schaub, who recognized Moe Laverdiere for his eight years as Highway Department foreman with a gift.

Schaub also recognized Laverdiere’s wife, Faye Ann, with a flower arrangement for the support she gives to her husband and her contributions to the town.

“What are you trying to do, embarrass me?” Faye Ann Laverdiere asked as she went up to get the flowers.

“I didn’t think that was possible,” Schaub said, which drew laughter from the audience.

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