Following years of cuts to the HOME Fund (Maine’s sole state resource for the development of affordable housing) and growing waiting lists for housing across the state, Maine People’s Alliance applauds the Legislature for approving the green affordable housing bond last week.

This bond initiative will help communities across the state in several different ways: by putting contractors (including many low and moderate income people) back to work, by creating housing that is significantly more energy efficient than much of our existing stock, and by increasing access to affordable housing for people with low and moderate incomes.

Many state legislative leaders, on both sides of the aisle, deserve recognition for their support of this effort. Senate President Libby Mitchell, Sen. Phil Bartlett and House Speaker Hannah Pingree should be particularly commended for their leadership and also for making sure that the HOME Fund stayed protected from further cuts. Sen. Margaret Craven and Rep. Peggy Rotundo also provided critical support on the Appropriations Committee for the measure.

This was obviously a difficult year at the Legislature, but we appreciate that the critical housing needs of Maine’s people were heard and addressed.

Kate Brennan, Lewiston

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