If I could express my opinion as to where I think our “ailing economy” is going, I’d say our “senior politicians” are in the “driver’s seat.”

For instance, groceries: A 6-ounce can of tuna is now 5 ounces. You pay more. A 32-ounce jar of mayonnaise is now 30 ounces, but more expensive. Also, a 34.5-ounce can of coffee is now 33 ounces, yet the price has nearly doubled.

The bottom line is, we are getting less for our money, be it food, fuel or lost wages and benefits. Our politicians are not in the least affected by this. Our Big Government is and always will be in the “driver’s seat,” as long as we have corporate greed and special interests.

Be prepared to dish out your money. By the way, your $250 stimulus check, is a small thank-you from your politicians. Enjoy.

Joe Voisine, Lewiston

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