It is with great sadness and dismay I read about the Catholic schoolteachers being terminated. My children attended St. Joe’s school and were privileged to have been taught by such a dedicated professional as Pandora Lawler. As a volunteer at the school, I personally observed how she always went above and beyond to help a child achieve success and truly feel good about themselves and be proud to be a Catholic student.

Is this how the diocese is repaying her? It is especially hard being a person with 34 years of seniority and dedication to Catholic education. With all the changes happening in our local Catholic churches, it is not surprising why people are choosing to worship elsewhere. It seems that more effort is spent on finance than taking care of the spiritual needs of the members.

Too much is spent on indiscretions of the priest, at the cost of parishioners and Catholic education. That is somewhat hypocritical. Do priests really care?

If parishioners feel spiritually fulfilled, they will reciprocate financially, so what is the real issue here?

What Christian values and morals are being taught to children by allowing the diocese to terminate a teacher who truly cares, someone of such great talent and worth to the Catholic community? 

What would Jesus do?

Dot McAtee, Lewiston

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