On June 6, I watched with pride as my son marched in cap and gown with his classmates from the Edward Little High School class of 2009, the last of my children to graduate. The anticipation of the day was unbelievable.

Being an EL alumna (class of 1980), and having many family members graduate from EL through the years, I have to say how disappointed I was to see the years-old tradition of boys in maroon caps and gowns and girls in white had been changed. Everyone wore maroon. It is my understanding a female student challenged the tradition last year, leading to its change this year. 

While I applaud the school for its diversity — having many students from other countries and some with different sexual orientation (EL is a melting pot of different cultures and lifestyles and that makes it so special) — I feel that tradition is tradition.

If a female student wanted to wear maroon, she should be able to make that choice. The rest of the young women at EL could have, and should have, worn white to continue the longstanding tradition. The graduation was, otherwise, well done.

Tears of pride were shed for my son and his accomplishments, but this is one EL alumna who is very disappointed with the sudden change of tradition.

Laura Boucher, Turner

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