Trinity Catholic School has provided my children with quality education for 10 years. All of the teachers and administrators at Trinity are dedicated and a wise academic investment for children.

If I were not familiar with Trinity School, the recent Sun Journal article would lead me to think of the school in terms such as chaos, disorder, unreasonable, random, unprofessional — and that is far from the truth when describing any aspect of Trinity School. The school is solid, measured, thoughtful, respectful and focused on maintaining a calm and reflective learning environment.

Families considering Trinity for Catholic education should feel safe in doing so. Families will find teachers who work late into the evenings to meet with parents; teachers and administrators who are committed to positive leadership; and, most importantly, their efforts produce measurable academic outcomes for children.

It is very sad when people lose their jobs, no doubt about it. Anyone who runs a business or can balance a checkbook knows that popularity cannot stretch the value of a single dollar. Making these kinds of decisions is painful for any organization, especially when decisions impact children.

Trinity Catholic School will continue to teach as they have in the past; professionally, calmly, and thoughtfully to the ultimate goal of the children achieving foundations to build academic and social success.

Cathy LaChapelle, Buckfield

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