Every Saturday and Sunday, even if the weather is less than ideal (which has been common lately), I get up early and head down to my boat.  I putt over to the village tie-up in Harrison village and buy the Portland paper, a cup of coffee, and a breakfast sandwich.  I head out to the middle of the lake and drift around reading the paper. It is a great weekend ritual for me. 
Recently, I did something different — I bought the Sun Journal. You see, something really big happened; something really important to the future of this  country, and future generations of everyone around the world. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that focuses on secure and sustainable energy policy and climate change. The Sun Journal’s headline read “House passes climate bill,” and informed me that both representatives from Maine backed the measure. That was the information I really wanted to know more about.
The Portland paper buried the story on page 6, and illustrated protesters who opposed this legislation. The different approaches taken by the two papers on the same story was remarkable to me.
I am sure the new owners of the Portland papers know that how one reports the news makes a huge difference. They should know that how the news is presented also makes a big difference in how and which readers choose to consume it.
Good job to the Sun Journal. I think it has earned a new customer.
Ray Sirois, Harrison

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