The day the police department was running on Lisbon Street, when they passed Martel School, the little kids were out there holding signs cheering on the police department and some teachers were with them. No picture of that ever appeared in the paper. The kids were adorable. But you will print pictures of snakes! Those kids were so excited cheering on the police.

Our gripe is with the VOD (village of the damned) child pictured on the area fireworks listings holding the 48 star flag.  Very creepy, very creepy!!! Doesn’t anyone at the Sun Journal have a cute child who could hold an actual up to date flag for a picture?
Creeped out,

My gripe is the new format for the paper online… where’s Sunspots, where’s advice at all?? When I searched for it at the site, I couldn’t find it…
A Mainer in Nevada

My gripe is that I cannot find Sun Spots, Horoscopes or Dear Abby on the new website.

We go to town once a week on a Saturday morning to get groceries. Now, the aisles are full of people fixing shelves. Why can’t this be done like it used to before opening hours? Half the time they don’t move so you can get what you need.

I am so sick of having golf or some sport that no one cares about on TV every Sunday! Why not have a channel just for sports? They have gotten our TV all screwed up with new stuff. Some people can only get one station and old people like to watch a good movie once in a while — not watching someone hitting a golf ball.

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