After reading Independence Wind’s letter to the Roxbury Board of Selectmen regarding the recent petition to re-vote on the wind power project, I would urge the selectmen to stand by the will of the people, as expressed by the two earlier votes to allow the project, and not allow a re-vote. The board has the discretionary power to do so.
I am especially concerned with the potential financial penalties Roxbury and its residents might incur if Independence Wind sought damages in such an event. As Independence Wind’s letter points out, there is sufficient legal precedent for it to prevail in such a lawsuit. The town could be liable for the approximately $1.2 million Independence has already invested.
Certainly, Independence Wind stands to earn substantial profits from the project. It has every right to do so. The company is sharing the proceeds with Roxbury in the form of providing a considerable tax base, which will lower (or, for the naysayers, at least slow future increases of) individual property taxes, as well as pay the first 500 KWH of residential electric bills for the duration.
So what if it’s taxable. People should count their blessings.
Roscoe C. Hodsdon, Roxbury

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