This is in response to letters about children misbehaving in public from Robert and Claire Flint (June 19) and Christine Zielinski’s response (June 26).
Having been on both sides of the fence on the issue of misbehaving kids in public, Zielinski misses the point of the Flints’ letter.
My wife and I have raised two children in the local area and agree that children need boundaries and limits placed on their behavior.
I agree with Zielinski in that children do have tantrums, which does not make them brats; however, I have witnessed many parents allowing their children to continually scream, whine, cry and disrupt many public areas. They do not address the problem; they pretend it’s not happening by ignoring it, or they ineffectively speak to the child as an adult (as if they are speaking to the people around them), which does not work.
It’s a classic example of the children setting the rules.
Children know that if they misbehave in public, their parents are more apt to ignore it.
Parents will continue bringing their children to restaurants, movies, church, etc.; however, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that children behave in an appropriate manner.
People without children or who have grown children should be able to enjoy a meal or a movie without an undisciplined, screaming child tormenting them in public. 
Richard Kullson, Lewiston

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