This is in response to the letter from Daniel Cole, “Otten shouldn’t run,” printed July 14.

It seems that Cole knows of Les Otten, but it is clear that he does not know Les Otten.

Well, I know Les Otten, and I feel that it is important to clear up some of the baseless allegations published in that letter.

Maine Energy Systems of Bethel distributes and manufactures pellet boilers and related support for central heating systems, not stoves. Otten has worked tirelessly the last two years, encouraging Mainers to end dependence on foreign oil and embrace renewable energy.

The materials and workers in the construction of Sunday River were not imported. The lifts, snow-making equipment, the 800 condos and four hotels were almost completely built with local materials and labor. In fact, Otten trained winter ski staffs as carpenters, welders and construction workers to provide year-round employment.

Otten has been a Republican since 1972.

People are entitled to their opinions, but the Sun Journal should be more careful and refrain from publishing statements that have no basis in the truth.

Scott Smith, Bethel

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