Possible renter looking for building information

‘Dear Sun Spots: I am wondering if you can help me identify a building in Lewiston. It
is on Lisbon Street on the odd-numbered side of street, around the
80 to 90-something range. The bottom is an empty storefront and the top is
brick with several windows in a horizontal line. I’d like to contact
the owner to see if the top portion is available for rent or lease. It’s attached, and directly to the right, of a building with old lettering that says “Supovitz Bros.” Thank you. — K, Auburn.

Answer: Hopefully someone with information on this building will contact the Sun Spots column. We think the building you are referring to is possibly the Singer Building, 112 to 114 Lisbon St., constructed in 1922. It was named for Abraham Singer, a Jewish immigrant from Poland and one of largest real estate owners in Lewiston. According to a brochure of historic buildings in Lewiston prepared by the Historic Preservation Review Board for the City of Lewiston, the building was occupied by M. Supovitz, a tailor and by eating places.

Dear Sun Spots: I’m wondering if there is any place in the central Maine area that can turn artwork and/or photos into giant posters. Thanks! — Diane, Roxbury.

Answer: Sun Spots suggests contacting your local copy center for more specific information about what you would like to reproduce. The copy center should be able to scan in your artwork and enlarge to a poster size.

We spoke with Michelle at FedEx Office, 181 Center St., Auburn, who noted that the largest original item their color scanner can scan is an 11×17, which they can then reproduce to poster size. They also have a larger scanner for black and white items, however, the item to be scanned must be paper-thin to be fed through the scanner.

She also noted that some artists have been bringing in a high resolution photograph of their artwork rather than the original, so the physical size of the item wouldn’t matter. The center can take the image directly from your camera or memory card and make a reproduction using the digital file. 

Dear Sun Spots: Does anyone know where I can find webbing for two chaise loungers? I have searched hardware stores as well as local box stores without success. I am willing to pay for this as well as pick up within a reasonable distance of Lewiston-Auburn. Call 577-6750. Thank you. — No Name, No Town.

Answer: It seems that this is a popular Sun Spots request each summer and in the past, readers have had luck finding someone who has some webbing in their garage that they are willing to part with. Also consider contacting the Chair Doctor on Poplar Hill Road off Route 4 in Turner at 225-2293. He may be able to help repair your chairs or get the webbing for you.

You may also order a re-webbing kit from the Vermont Country Store catalog. They offer a kit for $7.95 and recommend using two kits for a chaise lounger. Contact an operator for more information by calling 1-802-362-8460 from 7 a.m. to midnight Monday to Friday and 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. They also offer bags of 30 rust-resistant replacement screws in case yours have worn out or gotten lost.

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