My gripe stems from the use of language in the workplace. I am constantly hearing “Je**s Ch***t” or for “Ch***t sake” and I’m tired of it.  How would non-Christians like it if every time I got mad I threw around their best friend’s name in an angry manner? Heck, I’ve heard so-called Christians do the same thing, so I guess it doesn’t matter. Why do people believe it’s ok to do that? Is it because they grew up with it and now it’s part of them and they can’t change it? For whatever reason, I wish people would stop. Thank you.
— Anonymous

1.  Do people know how to drive on the Maine Turnpike and I-295? The left lane is the PASSING lane…not the TRAVEL lane. If you are going to go the same speed as the people in the right lane, then you should stay in the right lane. And, what about merging traffic at the on ramps? Why can’t the drivers in the right lane let mergers in instead of speeding up when they see cars trying to enter? This causes mergers to come to a virtual stop at the on ramp and nearly cause a pile up.
2.  Why doesn’t the Turnpike Authority have more toll lanes open at the New Gloucester exchange during rush hour? Three is clearly not enough…especially when only one is for the Easy Pass.
Thank you,

I don’t know if other people are aware of these interesting devices in their vehicles or not. They are called blinkers and let other drivers know when you are planning to make a turn. I am beginning to think I am the only one who is aware of them!
— Frustrated Driver

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