George Friedrich Wilheim Hegel (1770-1831) is most often credited with developing the Illuminist philosophy that is known as the Hegelian Dialectic, transforming our world from a Christian era of national freedom to a Satanic one of global slavery.

Webster’s defines this theory as: Thesis (an original tendency), Anti-thesis (its opposing tendency), and their unification in a new movement called Synthesis.

I believe this is being used by global bankers to re-synthesize the United States and the free world into a global fascism, destroying our Constitution and the Christianity that promoted it. Heralded as new-age philosophies, it is really an old-age tyranny disguising the satanic intent of world government. Satan hates Christ. Monarchies hate our Constitution because it’s in their way.

As Texe Marrs points out in his book, “Circle of Intrigue,” to destroy the U.S. Constitution and all world popular governments (thesis), communism was invented (anti-thesis), to result in a global compromise of world fascism (synthesis).

God destroyed the first Tower of Babel because he knew it would lead to global tyranny. Now the global bankers, who call themselves the Illuminati, are building a second tower via the United Nations and one-world government, economics and religion.

The secret is out. Now you know.

What will we do to save our constitutional liberties, now under overwhelming attack? Go drink beer and watch sports?

Robert Bruce Acheson, Dixfield

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