FARMINGTON — By day, Steve Moore oversees the town’s waste water treatment plant, but on his own time he’s a drummer in a Christian rock band.

He loves music, all types, but he especially likes music with “the beat” and playing for the Lord.

“There’s a place for a drummer in Christian music … a lot of churches don’t think that, but I’m playing for the Lord,” he said.

Moore plays drums for Unite, Ignite, a five-member group of young adults formed and named by his son, Ivan, who plays bass guitar and sings. Father and son also occasionally play for other groups, such as Greater Purpose.

His playing wasn’t always Christian music. Moore started playing drums in high school and then sang and played in several local bands, Craft, then Badge, and Fast Gym Shoes, in the 1970s , he said.

“I could bring home an extra $150 a week, but it was hard on the family,” he said. “I’d get home at 3 a.m., go to bed and get back up at 6 a.m. to go to work. Couldn’t do it now … that was back when I was younger,” he said.

After becoming a Christian in 1983, he didn’t play drums for four or five years, but he missed it.

While at their camp at Clearwater, a neighbor, Grant Durrell, and the Moores started playing music together and formed their first Christian band, Leap of Faith.

“It was a pretty good band. Light you right up. It was blessed,” he said. But Durrell went off to school, and Steve became part of a musical ministry team at Calvary Hill Church in Wilton.

Moore shares in the musical talent of his family. His father, Wendall, played sax for area Legion and Elk dances. He had a good voice but sang more backup, he said. His grandfather, Lester, played fiddle.

When he was young, his father would bring him up on stage and set him in back of the group.

“I’d sit there and watch the drummer,” he said.

While in high school, he was sitting on the couch tapping his fingers and toes to music. After watching those digits move, his father asked if he’d like to learn drums and got him a set. He taught him the “basic beat,” he said, while demonstrating how one foot and one hand move faster than the other.

“Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas we wouldn’t care about eating. We’d try to get done eating quickly, so we (his father and son) could go downstairs and play music,” he said.

Now his days of playing secular or worldly music are over.

“I couldn’t go back to secular music. You’re doing it all for yourself, and it’s more than just playing for yourself. I play for the Lord now and enjoy it,” he said. “I wish all the guys I played music with would get saved and play with me again.”

Moore sings but not as much as he used to. He’s written a couple songs and would like to do more.

While actively praising the Lord with his music, Moore believes the music also helps get younger people involved and helps lead them to pursue the Lord. Not only is it fun, but Christian rock sounds appealing, he said. It’s up tempo and contemporary.

“It’s like a new car. Something about it appeals and draws you to that make of car. The music rings the bell. Something has to draw you,” he said.

As for his family, the tradition continues. Moore’s young grandson, Jonah, wants to be a drummer just like his grandfather.

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Steve Moore on drums and his son, Ivan, on bass guitar play in their own Christian rock band, Unite, Ignite, as well as for other groups such as Greater Purpose as they did recently for a concert on the lawn of a Farmington church.

Steve Moore on drums and his son, Ivan, on bass guitar play in their
own Christian rock band, Unite, Ignite, as well as for other groups
such as Greater Purpose as, they did recently for a concert on the lawn at a Farmington church. Pictured, Greater Purpose members in front, Louise McCleery, Cathi Burke and Craig Hutchinson. Steve Moore on drums and his son, Ivan, beside him.

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