The town of Harrison should be gratified by the election of Bill Winslow as chairman of the board of selectmen. With his guidance, I expect more concerned citizens to constructively participate in our most cherished form of government.

The town lost a valued manager, Mike Thorne, because of the weekly ridicule of his professional management skills, skills that for 21 years had paid dividends to every Harrison citizen and visitor.

I was flabbergasted to hear a selectman, in open session July 21, requesting buyout figures for the new town manager, Brad Plante. Lake Region Television and were the only sources.

Plante has made mistakes, just as I have, but I believe he has righted the course as directed by the board of selectmen. The municipality is governed by a board of selectmen, not one or two individual selectmen. The town’s image has lost its luster because of the actions of a few.

I suspect the buyout of Plante’s contract could approach $120,000 or more, what with possible additional legal fees and pay for another manager who will never meet the expectations of some. Is that one of the cost-saving measures the selectmen desire, as stated in many meetings?

I look forward to open government where questions and challenges on issues are public with respect to the lawful agendas as required by Maine law. Officials need to end the personality conflicts and do the people’s business.

Paul J. Mattson, Harrison

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