The state of Maine is extremely lucky to have some of the most responsive, capable and compassionate teams of rescue professionals and volunteers any community could want. It is because of their quick thinking and selfless efforts that I am able to pen this letter today.

After I fell in Mahoosuc Notch, suffering brain trauma, the rescue response was rapid, capable and compassionate. The ability of the group to quickly coordinate activities across the state border involving several agencies and rescue teams should be held as a textbook example of doing things right.

The Maine first responders were brilliant. Mahoosuc Mountain Search and Rescue, under the direction of Bob Baribeau, Newry Fire and Bethel Rescue were all there. Other teams across state boundaries continually arrived, seemingly nonstop, for the next few hours, including the Maine Warden Service. Through it all, the team was patient, yet proceeded with urgency.

I owe them all a deep debt of gratitude. I never felt deserving of such a large effort. While I have considerable healing ahead of me, I intend to be back on the trail again someday soon, always thinking of and remembering the large effort the teams selflessly gave.

As a community you can be proud of having the finest in your midst. You can rest assured that if the time ever comes that you need their help, you will receive the best that the world has to offer.

Bill Tarkulich, Lexington, Mass.

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