CINCINNATI (AP) — If Major League Baseball wants to talk with Cincinnati Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo about the supplements he takes, he doesn’t know about it.

Arroyo told USA Today this week that he takes supplements which haven’t been approved by MLB. Baseball said it would like to talk with Arroyo and remind him which supplements are approved.

Arroyo said he hadn’t heard from anybody Friday.

“It’s hard to get a hold of me, unless you’re in this locker room,” Arroyo said before the Reds played Washington. “I get tired of talking on the phone. Sometimes, I’d like to throw it in the river. I don’t pick up if it’s a number I don’t know.”

Arroyo evened his record at 11-11 with a two-hitter in the Reds’ 7-0 win over the Nationals on Thursday.

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