LIVERMORE FALLS —Walter Wright is one of the first video animators. He worked at Computer Image Corp. in the early ’70s and developed his own performance video system called the Video Shredder. His mission is to create a new music of sound, image and movement.

Greg Murphy plays bagpipes.

Audrey Chen combines cello, voice and analog electronics to create music that is largely improvised and often extremely personal and visceral.

Formed in late 2006, birdorgan’s goal is to “work with other like-minded sound artists creating immediate free improvisations in the spaces we are provided.”

Greg Boardman, who has been teaching and performing for close to 40 years, is founder of the Mighty Cloud of fiddlers, a rag-tag revolving-door blend of professional and amateur volunteers who have met biennially since 1988 to raise money for Habitat for Humanity.

This is but a small sampling of the many creative artists who will gather Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Aug. 20-23, at Murray Hall for the sixth annual Frantasia: Festival of Out Music and Arts.

The musical event featuring explorations in sound, music, movement and visual arts will run from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. each of those three days.

Among the participants are Mainers Christopher Cathode, Boardman, id m theft able, Joshua DeScherer, Jozev Gates, Kit Demos, Les Trois Etoiles, Martin Chartrand, Mike Silverton, Nicole LePera, Noel Walsh, Offset Needle Radius, Patter Cubs, Phil Poirier and The Erskine Band.

Also: Cave Bears, Little Mystery, Skinny Vinny, QFWFQ DUO, Core Duo, Jed Speare & Forrest Larson and Gioia, all of Massachusetts; Forrest Larson of Rhode Island; Katt Hernandez and Johan Nystrom of Pennsylvania; Jacqueline Martelle, Katherine Liberovskaya, Tom Hamilton, Red from Rebel Red and If, Bwana of New York; Relay for Death of North Carolina; and Killick of Georgia.

Tickets are $7/5 for each night. Call 897-6158 or 212-6288. Murray Hall is on Main Street. For more information, visit

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