I just read the Aug. 17 edition and found humor in the letters about health care. They all find that the government program can’t be as bad as everyone says and most of the bad is made up. So let me ask:

How is the U.S. Postal Service? In the red, and you never know when that letter will get there. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? They went bankrupt and needed a bunch more money. Medicare and Medicaid? Going broke. Social Security? Yup, going broke. Dirigo Health? Been broke and it’s only a few years old.

I hear we should trust the new president and give him a chance. Well I have, and see how we now own “Government Motors” (GM), the stimulus package hasn’t worked and the “No new taxes on the middle class” claim didn’t last longer than the S-CHIP program, which raised taxes on tobacco products.

Now I have heard from a bunch of congressmen and the president that the “death panel ” is not part of this plan. I heard Friday the Senate was going to take it out of their plan? Which is it? I read the House plan and it was there! Isn’t this just more misinformation?

My real question is, do we really want government to get involved in health care, when they cannot keep up the health of this nation?

Duane Dumont, Winthrop

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