The Sun Journal has taken heat for its excellent editorial of August 4, about the cessation of the distribution of Uncle Henry’s in Boston. That happened because firearms used in criminal activity and violent events in Boston had been traced to Maine. Predictably, voices are crying out that law-abiding citizens are being denied constitutional rights and that President Obama means to prevent honest folks from defending themselves.

Firstly, it is well established that weapons taken from criminals in Boston come from states with less restrictive gun sale policies, just as much of the lethal armament brandished by Mexican drug cartels comes from north of the border. Secondly, responsible individuals should have no problem acquiring firearms through proper channels. Thirdly, there are law-abiding people out there who are not stocking up on weapons and ammunition, just because a new president said there might be areas where gun control and gun rights advocates could find common ground. After the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007, some adjustments were made regarding gun sales to those with mental health problems.

It is regrettable that every effort to protect people from bullets is branded as infringing the Second Amendment. The Heller decision by the Supreme Court last year upheld the rights of individuals (as opposed to militia) to bear arms, but left plenty of room for conditions.

The recent news from Rumford reminds us that there are far more reports of illegal and indefensible gun usage than reports of firearms used in self defense.

Edward Walworth, Lewiston

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