Decorator electrical devices solve remodeling dilemmas

(NAPSI)-With the growing popularity of home renovation and do-it-yourself television shows, homeowners are more involved in remodeling and decorating decisions. But too often, homeowners focus on the fixtures, paint, flooring and countertops without considering some important finishing details–the electrical wiring devices.

Light switches and electrical outlets have traditionally been perceived as plain code-driven necessities, but they’re actually innovative ways to accessorize. They install quickly and easily, and can freshen up any room, even on a modest budget.

No matter what the style–from classic to contemporary, from soft pastels and comforting earth tones to bold power colors–homeowners can find designer electrical devices to match.

Certain devices make it easier to customize the desired look repeatedly–starting with selecting a decorator-style switch or outlet in a neutral color such as black, white or almond. A special wall plate is chosen in the same color, which leaves space on the top and bottom for “trim caps.” The trim caps snap into the wall plate and match a full range of wooden and metal accents, molding and paint or fabric colors.

When redecorating, the trim caps can be replaced to match the new color scheme.

While most devices and wall plates are easy to install, some homeowners worry about making do-it-yourself electrical improvements. In this case, screwless wall plates offer an excellent solution.

Screwless wall plates are durable, flexible and easily installed on any wall surface. Simply loosen the mounting screws on the existing electrical device, remove the existing cover plate and click the subplate onto the loosened screws. Then tighten the screws and snap the new, screwless cover plate onto the subplate. There’s no need to fumble with wires.

Devices such as these combine function with fashion, but lighting controls offer another level of convenience and benefits extending beyond aesthetics.

For example, installing dimmers allows more control over a room’s ambience, adjusting the light level for any occasion. But reducing the light level also saves energy and extends the life of bulbs. This more efficient use of electricity can reduce home energy bills.

These simple, stylish upgrades can complete a room and provide better control over energy consumption. For more information, visit www.betterelectrical.com.

Stylish light switches and electrical outlets can be innovative accessories, and they’re easy to install.

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