Shower power: Making a shower more versatile and enjoyable

(NAPSI)-There’s good news for those who think of their daily shower as one of life’s simple pleasures.

Adding a handheld shower to your existing conventional showerhead arrangement can be done without drilling or screwing into the walls to hold or mount the hand shower. This can be a convenient way to expand your shower and make it even more useful and enjoyable by allowing the showerhead and the hand shower to work independently or together at the same time.

According to Michael Santora, director of Shower Products at Speakman Company, the company now offers a versatile shower combination that comes with a special three-way diverter holder bracket that screws onto the shower arm in order to mount your existing head and attach the hose and the handheld shower wand.

It also has two additional ways to mount the handheld shower: One attaches to a simple wall bracket and a two-way diverter is easily installed between the fixed head and the shower arm. The other is a special slide-bar/grab-bar where the handheld can be set to variable height mounting. This extra-sturdy bar, which is made of brass and stainless steel, meets the ADA standards and can give you an added safety feature in the shower if you need something to hold on to when getting in or out. Mounting screws are required.

This kind of shower combination takes advantage of all the practical uses and benefits of a handheld shower, such as easier rinsing during shaving legs or shampooing hair; bathing disabled, handicapped or small children; washing pets; or just rinsing the shower tub and walls during cleaning. There is also a therapeutic benefit with the hand shower in that you can reach hard-to-get-to areas on the body with a powerful massage spray.

Installing a combination shower can expand your showering possibilities and increases your showering pleasure.

For additional information on showerheads and handheld showers, contact Speakman Company at (800) 537-2107 or visit speakmancompany.com.

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