NORWAY — A 49-year-old Norway man was arrested Wednesday on a charge of selling his prescription painkiller medication.

Kenneth G. Smith of Cottage Street was charged with aggravated trafficking in Oxycontin and unlawful possession of hydrocodone. His $15,000 bail was reduced to $500 after an initial court appearance on Thursday, and he made bail at the Oxford County Jail on Friday morning.

According to a report by officer Theron Bickford of the Norway Police Department, police began investigating Smith last month after confidential informants said he had been selling his Oxycontin and considering cocaine trafficking.

Police searched Smith’s residence after informants purchased two 30-milligram Oxycontin pills from Smith with concealed recording devices and marked currency. The search found several empty prescription bottles for Oxycontin that should have had 191 out of 240 pills remaining. Police also found a bottle with hydrocodone and other prescription pills in it and a plate and straw with white powder residue.

Smith’s charges are aggravated because his residence is within 1,000 feet of the drug-free zone at a municipal park on Cottage Street.

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