MEXICO — Director Brenda Gammon and Student Services Co-ordinator Cheryl Ellis have announced the Region 9 honor roll for the first quarter.

High Honors

Certified Nursing Assistant:
Shalee Bradbury,
Kassandra Bryant,
Becky Cote,
Danielle Cunningham,
Hannah Daigle,
Tia Flaherty, Nicholas Goff,
Nicole Lavorgna,
Whitney Palmer, Rose Wright.

Computer Technology I: Colby Dwinal,
Jacob Hall, Zachary Martel,
Charles Riggs.

Early Childhood I: Dawn Blackman,
Lacey Gallant, Kassandra Kaulback,
Shannon May,
Sabrina McPherson,
Travis St. Pierre, Denise Webber.

Early Childhood II: Shawnee Akers,
Roxanne Jewell,
Amber McKenna,
Katrina Pulk,
Jessica Robichaud, Katrina Tetreault.

Diversified Occupations: Nitasha Fifield,
Dylan Graham,
Brian Jepson, Jason Powers. 

Forestry I: Joshua Farrington,
Ryan Glover.

Forestry II: Heath McKenna.

Metal Trades I: Tarra Arsenault.


CTE: Randolph Angotti, Mariah Letourneau,
Kalene Robertson.

Automotive I: David Adley, Travis Blanchard,
Dalton Bradley,
Dawson Cole,
Samuel Hartzell,
Ben Jordon,
Cody Magoon, Tyler Morton,
Andrew Sprague,
Kate Stover,
Ian Sweetser.

Automotive II: Aaron Burgess,
Joshua Cunningham,
Robert Drouin,
Joseph Haines,
Austin Horne, R. Joshua LaCroix,
Zachary McPhee, Mark Perry, Seth Shimamura.

Building Construction I:
Levi McKeen,
Charles Pillsbury,  Aaron Stone,
Grace Stover.

Building Construction II: Michael Fitzmorris,
Levi Rajaniemi,
Arthur Tate.

Certified Nursing Assistant: Kirby Averill,
Deanna Barnett,
Kymberly Dolloff,
Nicena Walker.

Computer Technology I: Ben Humphreys.

Computer Technology II:
Robert Bradford, Seth Flynn,
Coleman Gross,
Charles Thomas.

Early Childhood I: Caitlyn Beale,
Tanisha Damon, Tianna Wells, Haunnah Wheeler.

Early Childhood II: Noelle Casey,
Jaymee Grover.

Diversified Occupations: Colton Godwin,
Robert Henry,
Brooke Hutchins,
Steven Legault,
Mary Mason,
Wesley Moro,
Marissa Sauer,
Doug Swan,
Derrec Theriault,
Dennis Webber,
Amy Young.

Forestry I: Colby Smith.

Forestry II: Jacob Jackson, Cory Virgin.

Metal Trades I: Joshua Allen,
Eric Billings,
Austin Blodgett,
Joel Cloutier,
Nicholas Harlow,
Jacob Pinkham.

Metal Trades II: Logan Dunham,
Zachary Sauer.

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