DEAR SUN SPOTS: Could you please tell us what happened to Mickeriz Appraisal Services in Rumford? Also are all appraisers state certified? If not, what is the difference? How do you find a good, reliable, state certified appraiser who will give you the best appraisal you can get, and where can you get questions answered about real estate appraisal services? Thank you for all your help. — No Name, Rumford

Sun Spots could not discover anything about what happened to Mickeriz, but it does appear that they are no longer in business. There are at least two other appraisers in Rumford, Rumford Appraisal Service, 112 Somerset, 364-3261, and Russell Appraisal Services, 278 Isthmus Road, 364-2726.

Appraisers are licensed (that term is used, not certified) on an individual basis, not the entire firm. Sun Spots spoke with Carol Leighton, an administrator for the Real Estate Appraisal Board, which is part of the Office of Licensing and Regulation, in the state’s Department of Professional and Financial Regulation.

Carol said there are four levels of licensing. Three of the four levels of license limit what kinds of properties the appraiser can assess, with only those holding the “certified general” license being authorized to appraise any property. Carol said the best way to find an appraiser is to talk to people who have had an appraisal done. If you are working with Realtors, they will have recommendations as well.

Once you have located an appraiser you think you might want to use, you can check on him (or her) with the state. The easiest way is to go online to There you can search for your appraiser, see what kind of license he holds and see if there has been any disciplinary action. If you are not online, you can call the office at 624-8522 or 624-8515, tell them you don’t have computer access and they will help you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you for your excellent column that reaches so many people with so much help and information. I hope that this will help me to say a very sincere and well-deserved thank you to the Knights of Columbus, Chapter 106, on East Avenue for one of their many generous and charitable good works.

There is a subcommittee within this chapter that is dedicated to providing services for the local population of people with mental and developmental disabilities and to give them a party at Christmas. Following a holiday meal, the tables are cleared away to make room for dancing. The music is loud and joyous and is provided by a disc jockey with all the favorite dance music. The highlight of the evening is the arrival of Santa Claus, carrying his pack full of presents for everyone. Everyone goes home happy.

I want to thank Leo Baillargeron, his committee members and their wives for their dedication to serving some very special people. — Joan Collins, Lewiston

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For the lady looking for some small and medium boxes, I have 12 I’d gladly give to her. If she’s from Lewiston and Auburn, I can even meet with her. My phone number is 268-4623. — No Name, Litchfield

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thanks for the wonderful service you provide. We have a Canon AE-1 Program camera, barely used and in very good condition. We’d like to get it appraised but have no idea where to take it. Any help you or your readers could give would be very much appreciated. Thanks. — Vicki, Poland Spring

ANSWER: Camera shops seem to be a thing of the past. The last time Sun Spots had a used camera question, she found someone in the Portland area to answer it, but they said they were going out of business. The easiest way to find out what your camera is worth is online. Go to and in the search line, put in the name of your camera. Sun Spots did so and found several for sale in the $40 to $100 range. Yours may be worth more or less depending on the specifics of your individual camera.

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