Good-Buy Girl has a birthday coming up soon.

Last year, before GBG left Bliss for other shopping adventures, Bag Lady gave her manila file folders and a gift card to Staples to pick out her own financial pocket planner.

I know. It’s amazing we were still speaking after that.

She is amazing like that. Still, no need to test such gift resilience two years in a row. This year, Bag Lady was ready to rock it. To shop mightily. And I had a single mission in mind:


Fanciful, flamboyant, frilly, one-can-never-own-too-many scarves.

Bag Lady only learned how to wear one a few years ago. I suspect Good-Buy Girl came out of the womb knowing how to drape, pinch and fan. The ease is almost unnerving. (She can also walk on brick walkways in stilettos and make pie crust from scratch. I know. Like a Super Friend.)

For this particular quest, I needed only to walk lower Lisbon Street. Thirty minutes, five shops and three purchases later, I humbly believe I rocked it — and for less than $20, which is also, well, pretty amazing.

Count your pennies, bundle up and stroll with me:

• Pashmina pink, soft with sequins, Mogadishu Store, $10
This scarf nearly ruined the entire shopping adventure by catching my eye early and forcing every scarf thereafter to measure up. The fringed ends start at a rosy pink and lighten to pale pink in the middle. Sequins and subtle gold thread lend a kick. The tag says 70 percent cashmere; for what it’s worth, according to Merriam-Webster, Pashmina is cashmere-like wool from a Himalayan goat.

• Black, red and white polyester scarf, Barwaqo Halal, $5
A strong dot and flower pattern without a lick of fringe — an instant classic. Perfect with a white blouse or a dark suit.

• Soft, bold, black-and-yellow-patterned scarf, Al Fatah, $10
A bit masculine, which brings up an interesting trend: Guys wearing scarves. You can’t swing a knock-off Gucci on TV without hitting a man with a rakishly wound scarf. (See “Destination Truth” host Josh Gates as a prime example.) It’s curious, and I’m torn on whether it’s hot or not. Leaning not. What’s everyone think?

• Swirls of blue, purple and pink with tiny sequins and short, knotty fringe, Mama Shukri Plaza, $15
Liked the scarf. Adored the shop. Love that it advertised itself as: “Your one-stop center for all the latest fashions.” I mean, that takes fringe.

• Orange, yellow or silver-gray with subtle paisley undertones, Mogadishu Store, $10
Too many choices? Go solid. Shopping Siren and I were not sure who could pull off the plucked-from-the-sun yellow, but would love to see the guy or gal who tries.

• Sand-colored sheer scarf with shiny starfish appliqué, Barwaqo Halal, $7
Says “beach.” So, maybe it should also say, “Buy now, shelve for four months, stroke adoringly in the meantime.”

• Pashmina baby blue, soft with ribbons and sequins, 260 Lisbon St., $8
BL: “I love this.”
Shopping Siren: “But you’re shopping for GBG.”
BL: “But, this blue, I’m, ah, practically sure it’s her favorite color.”
SS: “No, it’s your favorite color.”
BL: Huff.
Why it’s good to take friends along.

Best find: Almost-gauzy, thin chocolate scarf with curlicues and a thin white scarf with subtle swirly pattern, Mama Shukri Plaza, 2 for $6
No question, the deal of the day.

Think twice: Soft purple, brown and green scarf with fringe, Barwaqo Halal, $5
Looks like the Sahara lost its lunch. Might make GBG think wistfully back to that gift card.

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (one of whom is becoming obstinate; the other is wondering what took so long) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]

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