LEWISTON — A 1-year-old girl was injured Monday when she was struck by a pickup truck a little before 1 p.m. at the corner of Sabattus and College streets.

Akeya Brimage and her mother, Melissa Glenn, 33, of Lewiston, were crossing Sabattus Street from the area of the Dave’s Place gas station to the area of the Calvary United Methodist Church. Glenn was wheeling Akeya in a collapsible umbrella stroller.

At the same time, Kyle Burgess, 19, of Monmouth, was driving home after running errands for his father. He had stopped at a red light on College Street and was turning left onto Sabattus.

Burgess got a green light to turn and Glenn got the pedestrian signal to cross at the same time, police said

Burgess saw Glenn waiting to cross with the baby, but he said she didn’t move after his light turned green, so he made his left turn.   

Some witnesses at the scene said Glenn ran into the street and in front of the truck. Others said she didn’t.

 “They both kind of took off at the same time and met in the middle,” witness Jason Blouin said.

Burgess struck the mother and child, knocking over the stroller and causing the baby to fall out.  

“(Glenn) grabbed the baby out of the middle of the street and, like, 50 million people came running out of everywhere,” Blouin said.

Blouin said the baby immediately started crying and appeared to have a bump on her head. Lewiston police and United Ambulance responded.

Minutes later, the baby’s father arrived and tried to attack the driver. Witnesses said Burgess — who was already shaking and crying over the accident — retreated to his truck to get away from the man.

Mother and baby were taken to Central Maine Medical Center. Police said the baby had a scrape on her head and the mother had a cut on her leg. Neither injury was considered life-threatening.   

About 10 minutes after the mother and baby were taken to the hospital, the baby’s father returned, yelling at Burgess and cursing. Police talked to the man and he left after several minutes.

Burgess stayed in his truck, distraught over the accident.

“She came out of nowhere,” he said.

Norma Levesque, 62, of Sabattus, was getting gas at Dave’s Place with her husband when the accident happened. She waited with Burgess for about 45 minutes until his parents arrived to take him home. 

“I love babies; I love people,” she said, patting Burgess’ shoulder as he cried in the passenger seat of his truck. “I hate to see anything like that happen.”

Police did not charge anyone involved in the accident. 

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