Do you have a teen at home? Or are you a parent of someone reaching their teen years? If so, be aware of what they’re doing and learning with technology.

As a teen, I will give you some facts you should be aware of.

Studies show that about half of all teens have experienced some form of digital abuse. Many of these teens are still victims, or have even done it themselves.

At this age, teens experience peer pressure to do things, whether it’s drugs or alcohol, or to share inappropriate pictures. This especially happens through the Internet or on their cell phones. Teens need to know how to deal with peer pressure and not give in to it. The only way that will happen is for parents to talk and counsel them about technology. They are learning about it at school, but they are teaching them how to master technology, not how to use it appropriately, or how to limit their time using it.

According to surveys, teen and child obesity now is caused by technology and not knowing how to limit it. Parents or guardians should teach their teens how to limit their time, monitor them, and look through their cell phones, laptops and home computers. Limit them by having their computers as a reward, by doing chores, doing homework, or practicing a hobby or sport. Even if they say they aren’t guilty, you never know.

Get involved with your child’s life.

Olivia Mayo, Auburn