As a teen in Auburn, Maine, I think technology has been used in many inappropriate ways.

Sexting is a big problem for teens in middle schools and high schools. The pressure from boyfriends and girlfriends makes teens feel that if they are in a relationship with someone, they have to sext with someone to hook up.

Teens struggle with what’s wrong or right. I think sexting is trashy. It gives wrong impressions and makes teens look completely stupid, not to mention the inappropriate picture will most likely get around and students will be judged by classmates and most likely get harassed.

However, young teens do things like that. They experiment.

If teens want to send inappropriate pictures of themselves to people, then we can’t really stop them. Later in the future, it might blow up in their faces, realizing what they did was wrong.

There are many ways teens can be helped. Teens should get counseling and advice. Teens need to learn to say no when they feel pressured to send inappropriate pictures. They need to know they could get in trouble for sending inappropriate pictures. Parents need control over the things teens do using technology.

I don’t know if anyone can make a difference with this problem. I don’t really know if anyone can stop teens from sexting. However, it sure doesn’t hurt to try. Teens need to learn how to take full responsibility for what they do, and parents need to be better role models.

Kiera Satele, Auburn