WILTON — Selectmen will meet with RSU 9 Superintendent Michael Cormier at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 14, at the town office to hear about Wilton’s share of the proposed school budget.

Wilton’s share represents an increase of $171,000 over last year, Town Manager Rhonda Irish told the board. The meeting will provide an opportunity to question the spike in the amount and how it was determined, she said. The meeting is open to residents.

In other business Tuesday, the board set a public hearing for at 7 p.m. on May 4 to discuss an application for a $10,000 Community Development Block Grant. The planning grant will be used to take a look at the downtown area including the foundation of the town and its economy and potential revitalization, Irish said.

A second phase would examine housing in the downtown area and the last phase would look at tourism related to economic growth, she said.

Before applying for the grant, a public hearing is needed as part of the grant requires hiring someone to study these phases and make recommendations, she said.

The board also confirmed plans for two public hearings on the wastewater treatment plant upgrade. The hearings will be held at 6:30 p.m. on April 20 and May 4. The $9.5 million project including the plant and pump stations was originally estimated at over $10 million but engineers and plant Superintendent Russ Mathers have worked to bring the figure down, she said.

After exploring options for Wilton’s Sewage Treatment Plant, engineers from Olver Associates of Winterport recommended upgrading the 31-year-old plant, which has exceeded its life expectancy of 20-years.

Due to the project, expected sewer rate increases will be made in increments over the next three years. Based on water usage, a household of four, currently paying about $270 a year will see that bill rise to over $500. Customers have not seen an increase in their bills in over 20 years.

The board also chose to review the Road Committee’s long-term suggestions for road maintenance during its April 20 meeting in order to provide time for the residents to review the suggestions prior to voting on road maintenance at the June annual town meeting.

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