In spite of high fuel costs, many people are choosing to spend their summer camping out in style in an RV. There is nothing better than spending time in the great outdoors with all of the comforts of home at hand. Whether this is your fifth or first time camping in an RV, make sure you mind your manners and follow these rules.

Drive smart

RVs take up a great deal of space on the road and move at a much slower pace. Be aware of this and allow drivers to pass you when possible. Once you arrive at the campground, park in a marked space at the same angle as everyone else and leave plenty of space between the utility pole and your RV.

Follow protocol

Most campgrounds have rules, which are usually posted somewhere for all to see. Find out what the rules are in the places where you’ll be camping and observe them to the letter. If you are required to check in at the front office, do so. If you are assigned a place to park, do so. If you are asked to dispose of trash in a certain area, do so. Don’t arrive to the campgrounds unannounced, take a spot reserved for someone else and dump your trash wherever you please.

Respect your neighbors

Treat your neighbors as you want them to treat you. Use the walkways provided to public areas and keep your radio and TV turned down low. Don’t cut through your neighbors’ yard and invade their privacy, or blast your music and destroy their serenity. Watch your satellite use. Try not to put your antenna in any space but yours. Turn off your outdoor lights. Don’t leave them on to shine in your neighbors’ windows. Be courteous, or word will get out and the reception will be chilly.

Keep your pet under control

Now matter how well-behaved your pet is, you should always look after it. Do not let your pet wander around the campground alone. It could get into something it shouldn’t. Leash your pet when outside and pick up after it. Train your pet to be quiet indoors. There’s nothing worse than having to spend the night next to an RV with dogs that bark at the slightest noise.

Lead by example

Never lose sight of what is expected of a good camper. Pick up after yourself and leave every campground in as good, if not better, condition than you found it. Be kind to others and give them their space and privacy. Set an example and others will follow!