DEAR SUN SPOTS: We are implementing a fitness program to help our students become more physically fit. We’re hoping there are three stationary bikes sitting in basements or garages collecting dust that would love a new home. Please help us and help our children! — Jodi Truman, Paris Elementary School, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My son has the piano that was in the Riverside Hotel on Depot Street in Livermore Falls. He wants to give it away to anyone who wants it. It’s still good. His daughter took piano lessons on it. He will also deliver it within a reasonable distance. He has a good truck and trailer. Those who are interested can call 947-3734. Thanks a lot for Sun Spots. I always read it. — No Name, No Town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For Barbara in Rumford, I do not know of anyone locally, but I had two hooked rugs repaired at Green Mountain Hooked Rugs Inc., 2838 County Road, Montpelier, VT 05602, 802-223-1333. She does a wonderful job and will put a piece of cloth on the back for long-lasting durability. She will also put a sleeve on a side for hanging. There was also someone in Yarmouth, I think, who did it. I do not remember the name. — Claire Lyons

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have an old hooked rug: the kind made with strips of wool fabric. It has a few tears in it, but still has lots of life left. Does Sun Spots know of anyone who could repair it? How does one clean this type of rug? Thank you. — Barbara MacGregor, [email protected]

ANSWER: Perhaps the information from Claire will be helpful to you, too.

As for cleaning the rug, at, instructions are provided on how to clean your rug using a jet-type (not one with rotating brushes) carpet shampooing machine.

Sun Spots put a cotton braided rug through the washing machine, one of those extra-large, front-load commercial washers at the Laundromat, then laid it out flat to dry on her deck. It came out nice and clean, but it did stress the threads on the adjoining braids. Another concern could be bleeding colors.

If your rug is delicate or valuable, you might want to just take it to a professional dry cleaner or rug cleaning service (see Carpet and Rug Cleaners in the phone book). Sun Spots does not toss her oriental rug in the washer!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: A family member received a gift certificate for Element Day Spa in South Paris. We are not able to contact them with the listed phone number. Are they still open, in a new location, or closed? If closed, how does one get a refund for the amount remaining? — No Name, Paris

ANSWER: Sun Spots called them at 739-6789. They are open for business Tuesday through Saturday at 8 Market Square.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The New York Daily News had a story about the governor’s race in Maine. One of the names mentioned was Eliot Cutler. He is a long-time-ago friend, and I would like to contact him or you could give him this e-mail. Our relationship goes back to the International Council of Shopping Centers Trade Association, close to 30 years ago. Thanks. — Donald Pellicano, [email protected], 795-3346

ANSWER: Eliot Cutler has been much in the news of late, as he competes in the race for Maine governor. All of his contact information is available through his website,

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have read you for years and gotten answers for questions I might have asked. Now I want an old shirt dress pattern, size 18 petite, if anyone has one. I will pay costs. I can be reached at 897-2044, P.O. Box 1814, Livermore, ME 04253. Thank you very much. — No Name

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would like to know if anyone has too much hosta and would like to give some away. A couple of years ago we asked Sun Spots, and we did get some results, and we would like to try again. I can be reached at 782-7864. — Dorothea Labrie, Lewiston

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