I don’t understand:

• How people can object on aesthetic grounds to wind turbines, which would bring money into the state, while throwing trash out the windows of their vehicles (with Maine plates), or having it blow out of trucks, which means littering and unsecured loads. What about the dumping of junk cars and parts, computers, furniture, appliances, etc., along riverbanks and roadways, and in the woods? Does anyone think tourists want to come and see that, or dilapidated, abandoned, boarded-up buildings?

• Every effort to construct a destination, i.e. Plum Creek, casinos, gets shot down. Just what “destination,” besides a day of skiing, does Maine have to draw tourism?

• How do you justify fighting Central Maine Power Co.’s efforts to improve the grid in one breath and, in the next, object to wind turbines on the grounds the grid is not there to sell the power out of state?

• How do you justify keeping the same number of government employees, with the resulting tax burden, for a fraction of the population? Has anyone considered that quantity of workers doesn’t equal quality of service or more work getting done?

• Most schools are grossly underutilized, so how do we justify not consolidating schools to provide more opportunities and better education with less overhead, saving taxpayers’ money since we already bus all the students and have the buses and drivers to do it?

I don’t understand.

Candice Casey, Rumford

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