LEWISTON — The Thomas J. McMahon Elementary School has announced the fourth-quarter honor roll.

Grade four

High honors: Taylor Chamberlain, Brittany Dyer, Ryan Handlon, Allison Lalonde, Garrett Poussard, Brooke Smiley, Taylor Soule, Noah Turner.

Honors: Marissa Adams, Daniel Aikens, Kaleb Bilodeau, Alexis Caron, Meagan Gosselin, Ethan Jones, Bryce Poisson, Lydia Seliano, Austin Smiley, Brittany Troiano.

Grade five

High honors: Matthew Boulet.

Honors: Omar Abdirahman, Dylan Austin, Christinna Bishop-Brown, Megan Carter, Breanna Beauchesne, Faith Cook, Alexis Elsman, Dominic Fournier, Megan Goding, Khadija Haji, Rukiyo Hussein, Hunter Iezzi, Katana Langlais, Hassan Omar, Sydney Usher, Rhegan Wailus.

Grade six

High honors: Corinne Laberge, Sylvia Schulze.

Honors: Olivia Bergeron,Jonathan Carvalho, Joshua Chan, Michael Danforth, Courtney Desmarais, Andrew Fabrizio, Marissa Green, Madison McCallum, Tyler Poisson, Austin Wing.

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