DEAR SUN SPOTS: Quite sometime back, I was reading your column regarding the former Farmington Diner, which was moved to East Wilton. Have they ever renovated it or found a permanent place for it, or are they going to just use it for a museum? — No name, via e-mail

ANSWER: There appears to have been a few bumps in the road for the diner. In January, reporter Ann Bryant reported that neighbors in the East Wilton area were petitioning selectmen to do something about the former Farmington Diner and home owned by Rachel Jackson Hodsdon on Cemetery Road.

Here are some excerpts from Ann’s story:

“Residents told selectmen … that they have seen little progress since the Planning Board approved a permit for Rachel Jackson Hodsdon to store the former Farmington Diner and save it from demolition.

“The board asked Code Enforcement and Health Officer Paul Montague to inspect the diner and vacant home on the Cemetery Road lot owned by Jeffrey and Rachel Hodsdon for evidence of rats and report back to the board at their next meeting.

” … The diner was moved to save it from demolition with the hopes of reopening it as a community project, a restaurant that would offer foods grown locally.

“‘Wilton doesn’t really want it, and I think it would do better in Farmington,’ Rachel Jackson Hodsdon said, but finding an affordable location has been an issue. Hodsdon has already invested $25,000 in the diner. The couple has put the property up for sale with potential plans for moving the diner to another property, she said.

“ … Rachel Hodsdon asked the neighbors if they would support her opening the diner there. Several agreed they would, but the board thought the issue of rats in the neighborhood still needed to be addressed.

” … As part of the diner renovation, all cooking equipment and booths have been removed. There’s nothing in the diner for them to eat, and there is one neighbor who has chickens, and rats like chickens and eat their grain, the Hodsdons answered.

“The board also asked Rachel Hodsdon to prepare a letter noting what she has done and is planning to do with the diner, which has been stored for two years.”

Sun Spots called and e-mailed Rachel but received no response. Ann said she will be following up on the story in the near future.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: To the lady looking for a place that donated pajamas to kids last year, check with public affairs at L.L. Bean. They sponsored a drive last winter. They also ran a coat drive for seniors, so that same group might be interested in pajamas. — No Name, via e-mail

ANSWER: Sun Spots contacted L.L. Bean’s public affairs office to see if they do indeed have such programs, and received the following response from Janet Wyper:

“Dear Sun Spots, thanks for your note. Last summer, in conjunction with public television for kids and the Pajama Program (, we ran a pajama drive for kids at the concert with Dan Zanes, a performer who offers a wide selection of kids’ CDs. We also ran a coat drive for seniors as we kicked off the holiday season the weekend before Thanksgiving.

“We have not firmed up our promotion plans for the fall, but the senior coat drive is definitely a possibility. I don’t think we’ll add a pj drive, though that sounds like it could be a very fun activity.”

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